Doo-Dah Diner

Cooked from scratch Breakfast & Lunch, Open Tuesday to Sunday

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Hours: Tue to Fri 7am to 2pm, Sat & Sun 8am to 2pm

*SUNDAY BRUNCH (NO MENU SERVICE) $19.99 ea, includes a beverage. Kids $9.99 - 8am-2pm

Patrick & Timirie Shibley voted 2017 "Restauranteurs of the Year" by the Kansas Restaurant & Hospitality Association

Doo-dah (doo' dah) n. - Another nickname for Wichita, KS. Origins unknown, but perhaps it references the laid-back, whimsical attitude felt by some visitors to the city.
Source: Urban Dictionary

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PEOPLE Magazine, Oct 8, 2018 Favorite Breakfast Restaurant - State of Kansas!

Welcome to the Doo-Dah Counter

   Richard, Issue #10

I have figured out why the new Doo-Dah is located where it is. When you leave The Counter, drive north on Webb about a city block to Harrison Park on the right side of the road. Head your car around to the far east end of the park—it will find its way along Bailey and Todd—where it will come to a stop in a parking lot which overlooks a pond. The pond attracts enough crows and Canadian geese to put on an extravaganza, and it comes free with your meal. If they do not happen to be up close, and if you are out of cracked corn, throw out a bit of the left-over Beefy Doo-Dad which you are taking home for supper. They will come.

He owned Lifesaver Learning, Inc., which is located in the south end of Park Lane just down the hallway from Wichita Bridge Center where I play bridge. I noticed that he had been reading the counter chats at the end of the counter, so I pulled a copy of one I had just written out of my pocket and took it down to him. After reading it, he moved closer where we could talk. When he learned that we were mall neighbors, he said that if a bridge player needed emergency first aid, we could feel free to call on the people in his office. I was happy to hear that, because the majority of bridge players these days are older people. When I was a young player, bridge was a very popular game among all ages. Now the junior players are mostly in their sixties. If age is the criterion, I am a fully qualified senior player.

He had a spinach salad to go with his salmon club sandwich. He seems to be in favor of living a long life. Although it is much closer to his work and his home, this was his first visit to the east Doo-Dah Diner. He is the business manager (Administration Pastor) at Countryside Christian Church, which is located one mile west and a half mile south of the diner at 1919 S. Rock Road. I remember going camping in the open field before the church was built on it in 1973.

His school sent him to Wichita for two reasons. Number one was to get the Peanut Butter Cookies N Cream Pancake special at the Doo-Dah Diner Counter, and number two was to participate in a music teachers’ convention. I understood him to say that he teaches band, orchestra, and vocal music in Hoxley, Kansas, but it did not take much googling to figure out that my 87-year-old ears had been having fun with me again. There is no Hoxley. His description made it clear that he was talking about Oakley, which is about halfway between Hays and the Colorado border on I-70. You may be interested to learn that Oakley is located in three counties and averages 1000 people for each of its two square miles. Then again you may not, but, for sure, you would be interested in the Fick Fossil and History Museum, or the Monument Rocks, or the Buffalo Bill Cultural Center. If you happen to be a quilter, you would find the Smokey River Quilt Shoppe to be worth a visit, too. If you’re not, think it over first.

The man on my right was enjoying a basic breakfast made up of a couple of perfectly fried eggs, a sausage patty, some hash browns, and a biscuit. He was taking the weekend off from Cessna, where he tests cabin pressure. In response to my question about what that meant, he said he pumped air into fuselages to try to blow them up. He has succeeded twice during his years at the job. On one of them, someone had failed to attach a particular part. The culprit was actually the one who discovered what the problem was. He was not fired, but it must have been embarrassing. I’ll bet he was careful not to let another fuselage blow up because of that particular part.

She was at the counter with her daughter, who is a sophomore in high school in Emporia. The mother, who used to be an elementary science teacher, mentors public-school teachers in instruction techniques. She said that they found the Doo-Dah Diner through its internet rating as one of the top ten Wichita eating places. They were glad they sat at The Counter, where it was easy to meet other diners.

Smile, say “Howdy,” and start asking questions. You’ll be glad.